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McEwen McMahon is a strategic communications consultancy offering clients the very highest caliber of public relations wisdom. Founders Robert McEwen and Preya McMahon have more than 50 years combined experience advising C-suite officers on all aspects of reputation management. Bob and Preya have lead award-winning campaigns for clients ranging from small start-ups and non-profits to blue chip brands including 3M, American Express, AT&T, Bausch & Lomb, Coca Cola, Federal Express, Ford, General Motors, Hallmark, Kellogg, McDonald's, Microsoft, and United Airlines.

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Sep 27, 2013 | PR News | Comment (0)

McEwen & McMahon Principal Robert McEwen was among four panelists for A.M. Best's Sept. 26 webinar on cybersecurity.  The forum, which drew an online audience of more than 1,200 viewers, afforded McEwen the opportunity to emphasize the tangible value of reputation, and what must be done to protect it in the event of a data breach.  Here's a link to the video. http:

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McEwen & McMahon named among top PR agencies for CEO and Executive Positioning
Independent Ratings on PR Agencies
McEwen is a tremendous asset to have in a crisis situation. He brought insight, experience and perspective to our communications strategy at a critical time for United Airlines on September 11, 2001 and in the challenging months that followed. When the biggest reputation and crisis issues are in play, he's a great guy to have at the table."
Andy Plews

Incidents Must Be Reported More Quickly

A Florida law that took effect July 1 toughens the state's data breach notification statute by, in part, broadening the term "personal information" to include individuals' usernames and e-mail addresses under certain circumstances. (READ MORE)  

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    It often is said that news reporters and editors see it as their role and responsibility to "comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable". Since successful business enterprises usually are perceived as being "comfortable", the news media often regard them... read more »