About Us

McEwen McMahon is a strategic communications consultancy offering clients the very highest caliber of public relations wisdom.

Founders Robert McEwen and Preya McMahon have more than 50 years combined experience advising C-suite officers on all aspects of reputation management.

Bob and Preya have lead award-winning campaigns for clients ranging from small start-ups and non-profits to blue chip brands including 3M, American Express, AT&T, Bausch & Lomb, Coca Cola, Federal Express, Ford, General Motors, Hallmark, Kellogg, McDonald's, Microsoft, and United Airlines.

Fundamental to their success, and central to achieving desired outcomes for their clients, is the exercise of sound communications judgment, a skill that requires decades to refine before it can become unerring.

Despite the proliferation of communications technologies, and the ways in which online portals, social media, and mobile devices continue to reshape the PR industry landscape, the single most valuable service a public relations consultant can provide is an informed and intuitive understanding of what (or what not) to say and when (or when not) to say it.

This never is more true than when the stakes are highest, often when an issue is threatening to escalate into a crisis with the potential to destroy overnight a reputation that has taken years to nurture. Such instances require the ability to:

  • size up situations rapidly
  • work harmoniously with in-house communications, HR and legal counsel
  • speak to the C-suite with a high degree of financial literacy
  • engage stakeholders transparently but not hastily or recklessly
  • balance the interests of internal and external constituencies
  • avoid unintended consequences

Executed with precision, the right communications strategy has been proven to save companies as much as $100 million or more in market capitalization. Such are the benefits of working with the trusted advisors of McEwen McMahon.