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Traditional And Social Media Relations

It often is said that news reporters and editors see it as their role and responsibility to "comfort the afflicted, and afflict the comfortable."

Since successful business enterprises usually are perceived as being "comfortable," the news media often regard them as being in need of "affliction."

That's where McEwen McMahon comes in. We believe that despite the legacy of antipathy between big business and the Fourth Estate, relationships between companies and the journalists who cover them need not be adversarial.

All it takes is some enterprise and creativity to find ways in which the interests of corporations and the interests of the media can be aligned, a process that begins with establishing mutual trust. Journalists must believe that management will tell them the truth. Management must believe that journalists will report the truth.

McEwen McMahon understands the dynamic and knows how to make it produce less heat and more light.

Similar principles apply to social media, although the speed of online communication and sometimes the absence of journalistic standards can alter the equation. Once again, trust is fundamental to community management.

Social media users do not want to be messaged. When companies enter online conversations, they must offer information that is both relevant and of some value to the other participants. A post that reads like an ad is an interruption of the conversation and regarded as an irritant.

Better to begin first by listening, gaining an understanding of the community and who its key influencers are, and then begin to engage by offering content or commentary that satisfies some unmet need or illuminates some aspect of the subject under discussion.

Almost anyone these days can create a Facebook page, Twitter account, Linked In profile or Pinterest "pinboard." McEwen McMahon helps to ensure that the social media sites of our clients serve business objectives without alienating the same audiences from whom companies are seeking sales.