Anticipatory Issues Management

Anticipatory issues management experts know it is far more economical to monitor, identify and deal with issues in their emergent phases than it is to ignore problems until some triggering event – a data breach, a crime, a labor strike, an accident, an epidemic, an explosion, a product recall, an oil spill, etc. – thrusts an issue before the klieg lights of the media.

Reputation Management

Every year Fortune Magazine issues its list of "Most Admired Companies" in 57 industry categories. Lest one conclude this is a corporate beauty contest, consider that since the rankings first were issued more than three decades ago, on average a company that moves up or down just one notch in its sector stands to gain or lose $100 million in market capitalization. As with a brand, a reputation has tangible value. The experts at McEwen McMahon know how to rebuild, defend, protect and cherish the reputations of our clients.

Crisis Management

When a crisis hits, the wrong reaction, the lack of preparation, or a misunderstanding of the situation can have a catastrophic effect on an organization's reputation and financial standing. So it's imperative that businesses are not only prepared, but also have fast and smart responses for any event that should unfold. Executing our proprietary methodology, we work with clients to anticipate and rehearse for crises, and to manage any unexpected threats that arise.

CEO/Executive Positioning

Independent surveys show that CEO reputation accounts for as much as 50 percent of corporate reputation. We help CEOs communicate wisely with all constituencies, especially during the critically important first 100 days of a new leader's tenure. Wedevelop thought leadership programs, identify speaking forums, engage executives in business and civic organizations, and help them establish relationships with top print, broadcast and online journalists.

Media & Social Media Training

Our media-savvy methods have helped prepare scores of executives for news conferences, one-on-one media interviews, annual meetings, analyst calls and "ambush" journalists. McEwen McMahon training programs help our clients make the most of interviews and social media engagements to sell products and services and protect and defend or enhance corporate reputations and brands.

Organizational Communications

We work to help unite employees so your company has a consistent voice. And we have developed innovative ways to nurture and strengthen your corporate culture. First we make passionate advocates of your employees, then dispatch them as ambassadors who become extensions of your reputation management and brand positioning efforts.

Event Management

Special events vary in scope, purpose and personality but must meet your communication goals and objectives. From creative concept to seamless execution, we can help you develop events to reach your target audiences by securing sponsorships, speakers, venues, and vendors and conducting event-related campaigns supported by traditional and social media relations.

Investor Relations

We take pride in communicating not only financial data to existing and potential shareholders but also to help them better understand a company's goals, mission and vision. We approach investor relations from a strategic management standpoint that goes beyond compliance to create mutually rewarding relationships between a company and its financial constituencies.

Social Media Optimization

We do more than create Facebook, Twitter and Linked-In profiles for our clients. At McEwen McMahon we know how to "listen" online, engage users in ways that avoid making them feel as if they are being "messaged," and build robust communities of brand advocates. In times of crises, social media is vital to disseminating news rapidly and accurately and putting false rumors to rest.

Marketing Publicity

Companies are launching products, repositioning brands or bundling existing products and/or services on more aggressive schedules than ever before. Driven by increased competition and R&D cycles that are shortened by new technology, companies are rapidly pushing their products to reach peak market share. With the right public relations plan, businesses can achieve exceptional returns on their marketing dollars. We're the team to make that happen.