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McEwen & McMahon named among top PR agencies for CEO and Executive Positioning

Andy Plews

  • Former Director - Media Relations
  • |
  • United Airlines
McEwen is a tremendous asset to have in a crisis situation. He brought insight, experience and perspective to our communications strategy at a critical time for United Airlines on September 11, 2001 and in the challenging months that followed. When the biggest reputation and crisis issues are in play, he's a great guy to have at the table."

Kelly Brooks

  • Former Global Director, Marketing
  • |
  • The Coca Cola Company
Among McMahon's many strengths are her ability to think strategically and creatively, an all-consuming attention to detail, and an ability to execute large events seamlessly.  She is experienced, polished, engaging and great fun to work with.

Celeste Clark

  • Former SVP Corporate Affairs
  • |
  • Kellogg's
McEwen is among the select few public relations advisors who will tell you what you need to know, not what you want to hear, and in the long run his clients are far better off for having followed his advice.

Nick Segger

  • Head of Marketing
  • |
  • Nikon Australia
McMahon has excellent communications skills and is a highly creative thinker but always ties this thinking back to specific objectives that deliver a great ROI in both brandvalue and market share.

Jack Bergen

  • Former President
  • |
  • Council of Public Relations Firms
I've worked closely with McEwen and observed his career for almost 25 years. The quality of his strategic counsel is consistently superior, and his clients are routinely delighted with the results he achieves for them.

Gordon Earle

  • Former Vice President for Public Affairs
  • |
  • Stanford University
There is no finer public relations and crisis professional in the business than McEwen. He's adept at handling all PR issues but is particularly valued in times of crisis because his calm demeanor and professionalism never waver, and that’s precisely what clients need when times get tough.